Automate Your Manual Carrier Communications

Human Resources

Manually communicating enrollment data to providers and carriers can be time-consuming and cumbersome for human resources professionals, taking their focus away from higher-level tasks and strategizing how to attract and retain top talent. Automating carrier communications can offer multiple benefits to you and your employees.

The Benefits of Automating Carrier Communications

  • Save time, reduce errors and keep data safe: Automating  communication can eliminate time-consuming processes and reduce manual entry errors, which could potentially leave your organization’s secure PII data exposed and at risk.
  • Ensure accurate data: With  automated data transfer and communication, you can feel relief knowing that the data and information is monitored, tracked by submission date and completed accurately.
  • Reinforce transparency: Access communication via a secure portal allowing your team to find and share  information for employees quickly and easily, providing a stellar HR experience to employees.

Tap into reports and trends:  Provide powerful reports and insights into data communications and historical trends to analyze and better understand how employees are engaging in open enrollment and leveraging their benefits.

How Does It Work?

Together with EverythingBenefits, Quanta HCM will work with you and your carriers to select and implement the appropriate communications format and build-out automated data communication bridges with your providers.

Once connections are set up, the platform will monitor communication and  data entry  to proactively keep you and your team in the loop,  notifying you of anything that may require attention. 

Contact us for more information about automating carrier communications.

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