Benefits of Corporate Giving: Why Companies That Promote Giving Back to the Community Make Great Partners

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As technology continues to automate manual processes, HR and leadership now have the freedom and opportunity to focus primarily on serving and enabling their people. Meaningful strategic initiatives like social impact agendas that involve giving back to the community, have benefits like helping to boost company morale, building camaraderie and promoting good corporate citizenship.

In 2020, economic, social and political upheaval thrust organizations into the driver’s seat of social change. Walkouts at major corporations proved that many employees feel comfortable — if not obligated — to speak out against their employers’ actions when it comes to controversial social issues. 

There are many contributing factors at play, including evolving social norms and the pervasive threat of global challenges like climate change, rampant inequality and sweeping technological advancement. For organizations to confront these increasingly pressing problems, the demand to shift from a short-term focus on shareholder profits to a long-term approach is required. These initiatives are also good for business — good corporate citizenship improves everything from marketing and sales to employer brand and retention.

Social Impact Agenda and Organizational Responsibility

A 2019 Deloitte survey revealed that more than half of business leaders surveyed were already devoting between 1 and 5 percent of their revenues to programs with a purpose, and two-thirds planned to increase their budgets for these programs in the upcoming years. To maintain these programs long term and continually increase the budget for sizable donations, organizations will need to embed social impact agendas into their corporate identity and mission.

Businesses should evolve the scope of their initiatives; for example, rather than organizing single-day volunteer events to build houses or serve meals, HR and leadership could invest in long-term programs designed to address underlying systemic issues like generational poverty, hunger and homelessness. One such way to generate funds when giving back to the community is to partner with other organizations that have a similar mission or social impact agenda. Partnering for effective change is one of the benefits of corporate giving. 

Forming Partnerships in the Spirit of Giving

The best companies and those that strive to engage and retain their people long term must go beyond the basics to truly welcome and celebrate people as they are. Leadership should take a vested interest in their employees in every aspect of their lives, including charitable acts. Giving employees the power to manage schedules flexibly and actively play a role in their own growth and development can set the stage for mutually beneficial relationships based on trust, purpose and longevity.

Quanta 50/50 Giving

At Quanta, we believe that generosity is the pathway to success. Business can be a force for good when leaders step up and give back. That’s why as your HR partner, we do more than automate tedious tasks so that you can focus on the most valuable asset of your business. We also donate 50 percent of our net profits to the charities and nonprofits of your company’s choosing. Our 50/50 program is bigger than us—it’s about inspiring our business community to make a collective impact.

Let Quanta help with your social impact agenda and augment the benefits of corporate giving. Contact us today to form a partnership with an organization that cares about more than just your business. We care about people.

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