Bringing Your HR In-house: Why You Should Consider Switching From a PEO

Human Resources

Does your business rely on a professional employer organization (PEO) to handle your HR needs? Are you finding that you have to outsource several components of your PEO solution in order to meet the basic HR needs of your business? It may be time to engage employee lifecycle specialists to help you bring your HR in-house.

When to Consider Bringing Your HR In-house

It may be time to consider moving your HR in-house and switching to an HCM solution once your company begins to grow at a rapid pace. The small to medium business space is the sweet spot for a professional employer organization or PEO. If your employee count is moving well into the hundreds, PEOs will no longer be able to successfully provide the support necessary to accommodate your HR needs.

Along with growth, it may also be time to consider transitioning when it becomes necessary to outsource components of your PEO solution in order to meet the basic needs of your business. These basic needs may include recruiting, company surveys, performance and other similar areas which could lead to parts of your HR department being managed by various companies instead of being all in one place. Having everything consolidated becomes critical as your HR team grows along with your company. The more you are able to streamline the number of HR solutions being used, the more you’ll ensure the success of not only your HR team but also your overall business.

In-house HR to Streamline and Automate Tasks

When your company has been managed exclusively through a PEO, it can be daunting to consider assuming the responsibilities and administrative tasks that come along with transitioning your HR in-house – even if you’re at the stage where change is needed. It can be even more overwhelming when that task is coupled with concerns about meeting compliance deadlines, tax documents and the impact the change may have on employees leading to unnecessary disruptions in work. But what if these concerns didn’t need to concern you?

Taking care of complex and time-consuming administrative tasks prevents you from focusing on the bigger picture for your business. Switching from a PEO to a managed service provider or human resources partner will allow you to automate tedious tasks so that you can focus on employee satisfaction and culture.

You shouldn’t allow the backoffice of your business to slow growth or impede progress. Bringing your HR in-house with an HCM solution helps you streamline and manage the entire employee lifecycle:

Being able to streamline these HR solutions by having them all in one place provides your business with robust systems that manage operations according to your company’s supply, demand and scheduling policies.

Additional Benefits to Making the Switch

Bringing HR in-house doesn’t have to be overwhelming or painful for your business. Your human resources partner will streamline and automate your HR needs so you can reap the benefits critical to improving company culture:

  • Simplify reporting and analytics: Store and track all employee data from a single location and create customizable reports that provide valuable information to executive teams for more informed decision making.
  • Promote better engagement: Optimize employee satisfaction, engagement and effectiveness with simplified benefits administration, streamlined performance management and more accurate compensation management.
  • Eliminate antiquated paper-based processes: Streamline routine administrative tasks such as applicant tracking, onboarding, benefit enrollment and COBRA administration using no paper, providing self-service tools to employees and mobile access. Taken together, these benefits reduce management workload.
  • Minimize risks associated with compliance: Avoid hefty noncompliance fines, penalties and litigation by supporting proactive compliance with continually changing labor laws and regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

If your business has outgrown your existing PEO and you’re struggling to handle the paper-based HR tasks for your business, it’s time to consider bringing your HR in-house. The lifecycle specialists at Quanta can help. Contact us or book a 5-minute fit call to talk about your current HR needs and goals for the future.

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