Case Study: Making Staffing Agency Payroll Easy with Streamlined Automation


Staffanation, a staffing agency headquartered just outside of Cincinnati in Fairfield, Ohio, inherited its initial payroll provider when the company was first acquired in 2020. In addition to the setbacks caused by a global pandemic, the existing payroll service was not streamlined and there were quite a few inaccuracies with numerical data. Administrators were finding it difficult to close some gaps in numbers and cybersecurity was lacking in ways that made it easy for customer data, emails and confidential information to be intercepted. Whenever a systems issue arose, Staffanation’s payroll administrators found it very difficult and time-consuming to get resolution from their existing provider.


Tim Rettig, owner of Staffanation, sat down with Quanta HCM, a payroll services provider that specializes in payroll automation. Tim learned quickly that the right provider can make staffing agency payroll easy. “Typically the initial meeting with a new provider is them telling me about their company and it’s more of a sales process,” Rettig said. “With Quanta, it was all about asking us questions about what we were doing [as a staffing agency], what processes were we using and looking for ways that we could improve the actual efficiency of our payroll process.” Tim was initially hesitant to switch payroll providers in the middle of a pandemic but after speaking with Quanta he knew he had found a solution to their payroll problems.


Staffanation was able to streamline their payroll process in a matter of days with the help of Quanta’s payroll automation service. Administrators noticed the difference in providers immediately with better cybersecurity and email encryption for confidential information, accurate data reporting and responsive support on demand with quick turnaround times for resolution. “With all the automation Quanta has been able to develop for us, it has saved me about eight hours weekly and freed up a lot of my time to be able to focus on other elements of my job,” said Megan Ellix, payroll administrator at Staffanation.

In addition to putting time and money back into the business for Staffanation, Quanta HCM donated time and money to the Hope House Charity, a nonprofit organization supported by Staffanation that assists marginalized workers in finding housing, transportation, childcare and food. “In addition to Quanta having all this great service, the one thing that really blew our mind is the fact that half of the profits that are generated from our account go to a charity of our choosing,” Rettig said. He and his team are excited about this perk of choosing Quanta HCM. “Our payroll provider is providing this donation to the nonprofit of our choice,” he said.

How Can We Help You?

At Quanta HCM, our certified payroll specialists assist in preparing statements, processing payroll, distributing pay and ensuring compliance. Our deep knowledge of important payroll concepts allows our clients to breathe easier knowing their business payroll is in qualified hands. Our platform’s talent management capabilities help optimize employee satisfaction, engagement and effectiveness with simplified benefits administration, streamlined performance management, and more accurate compensation management.

Quanta goes beyond just making payroll easy, we build relationships with our clients and the community. Our Quanta 50/50 Pledge allows each of our clients to identify a local charity that will receive a donation, which also helps clients strengthen ties in their own communities. 

Struggling with staffing agency payroll or another element of human capital management? We can show you better than we can tell you the benefits of working with Quanta. Get in touch with us today to change the way you do payroll.

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