Case Study: Quanta Helps Streamline HR and Payroll Processes in Hospitality


Woodhouse Day Spa, located in the heart of Old Montgomery in Cincinnati, offers signature spa services to local residents. When Woodhouse first began the search for a payroll provider, they wanted a local company and didn’t want to be treated like just another sale. “My typical experience with discovery meetings is that they are not discovery meetings, they’re sales meetings.The sales guy comes in and sells you a great notion on what their company is about and once you sign on the dotted line, you never see them again,” says Chris Mann, owner at Woodhouse. It was difficult to find a payroll provider who would streamline HR and payroll processes for Woodhouse and also view them as a partner.


Woodhouse Day Spa had a meeting with Quanta HCM and quickly learned that this was no ordinary meeting. “This discovery meeting was much different. They listened to what our needs were and provided us with some potential solutions,” Mann says. “They were really looking to see if it was a good fit rather than just sell me something and move on to the next guy.” Quanta showed Woodhouse the value in having custom-tailored solutions that streamline HR and payroll processes for their business. 

With the Human Capital Management suite, Quanta offered an all-in-one solution to manage HR, time and attendance and payroll for Woodhouse, all while making sure to consult with Woodhouse decision-makers every step of the way. “They asked us a lot of questions, they kept the focus on us and our needs and talked to everybody on the leadership team one on one to meet the needs of the company as a whole,” Mann says.


Quanta proved that it is possible for a payroll provider to consult the needs of a business and also streamline HR and payroll processes. Quanta provided a level of customer service that exceeded the expectations of Woodhouse leadership and left a lasting impression with their Quanta Discovery process. “I almost felt like I was being interviewed also, which was unique and made me feel like Quanta wasn’t going to take us on as a client unless they knew they could help us,” Mann says. Quanta helped manage the entire payroll process from statement preparation to payroll distribution and partnered with Woodhouse to automate tedious HR tasks that otherwise distract from improving company culture.

How Can We Help You?

At Quanta, our certified payroll specialists assist you in preparing statements, processing payroll, distributing pay and ensuring compliance. Our deep knowledge of important payroll concepts allows you to breathe easier knowing your business payroll is in qualified hands. Our platform’s talent management capabilities help you optimize employee satisfaction, engagement and effectiveness with simplified benefits administration, streamlined performance management and more accurate compensation management.

Quanta is not just a payroll company, we’re a people company. We not only make hospitality payroll easy, we make building a relationship with your company and the community easy. Quanta’s 50/50 Pledge allows your organization to identify a charity for Quanta to support with a donation. We establish a relationship with the nonprofit on your behalf and take care of all the charitable details.

We can show you better than we can tell you. Get in touch with us today to change the way you do payroll.

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