Case Study: Streamlining Operations With Payroll Automation for Manufacturing


Down Decor, a manufacturing company in the heart of Cincinnati, has been in business since 1994. The company uncovered a payroll issue when a budgeting report indicated they were paying a substantial amount to a provider whose services were not meeting their demands. “Initially, we found that we were spending thousands of dollars every two weeks on just the processing costs for payroll,” says Brian Johnson, Down Decor controller. 


Down Decor considered handling the processing in-house and paying somebody to allocate, but after meeting with Quanta, decided to outsource the function to a payroll provider. Quanta HCM offered the Human Capital Management Suite, an all-in-one solution that manages the employee lifecycle. This suite combines three top-notch services: human resources; time and attendance; and payroll management to take care of the needs of their clients.

Quanta took a deep dive into the challenges being faced by Down Decor and uncovered key target areas that, once handled, put invaluable time back into the business. Quanta was able to fully assume the responsibilities of payroll management for Down Decor from payroll processing to statement preparation and pay distribution, all while ensuring compliance. Quanta leveraged these services for Down Decor and shifted to payroll automation for manufacturing while also proving that costs don’t have to outweigh benefits.


Down Decor was able to streamline their payroll process in a matter of days with the help of Quanta’s payroll automation service. Company leadership determined there were a lot more benefits to having a payroll provider beyond processing costs, the most important being time savings. “I don’t want to spend my time as a controller, spending two or three days every two weeks making sure my payroll provider is doing their job correctly,” Brian Johnson said. “Our Quanta rep handled everything from day one. Took the bull by the horns and ran with it.” 

Quanta HCM put time back into the business and saved Down Decor countless hours that would have otherwise been spent processing payroll in-house.

In addition to putting time and money back into the business, Quanta introduced Down Decor to the Quanta 50/50 program that donates to nonprofits of each client’s choice. Down Decor selected local environmental programs to receive the funding. “I’m very impressed with the Quanta 50/50 Pledge,” Johnson said. “We take a lot of pride in conserving energy and donating to various recycling programs. Giving back to a charity is extremely important for us and I feel great about making the switch to Quanta HCM.”

How Can Quanta Help You?

At Quanta, our certified payroll specialists assist in preparing statements, processing payroll, distributing pay and ensuring compliance. Our deep knowledge of important payroll concepts allows you to breathe easier knowing your business payroll is in qualified hands. Our platform’s talent management capabilities help optimize employee satisfaction, engagement and effectiveness with simplified benefits administration, streamlined performance management, and more accurate compensation management.

Quanta HCM is not just a payroll company, we’re a people company. We not only make payroll automation for manufacturing easy, we prioritize building a relationship with clients and the community. 

Whether you are a manufacturer, small business or professional service provider, get in touch with us today to change the way you do payroll.

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