Setting Goals at Work: Improve Company Culture and Turn Those New Year’s Resolutions Into Results

Company Culture

Learn how to successfully attain your workplace goals in 2022. Improve company culture for your employees by turning resolutions into results.

It’s that time of the year when most try their hardest to stick to the resolutions they set on New Year’s Eve. Whether the goal is to stay away from bread, keep tempers in check or lose that extra 10 pounds, the desire is the same: to improve. Many managers are looking forward to a fresh start in the new year and want to improve corporate culture for their employees, but how? Setting goals at work does not have to be difficult. It all begins with thoughtful planning and communication.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) article “Turning Workplace Resolutions into Reality,” career coaches who work with managers have solid methods that result in a successful turnaround in the workplace:

Engage in open-dialogue with your team. Engage your employees and make sure everyone is clear on the goals being set and what role they may play in helping the company attain those goals. Such a conversation helps to foster a feeling of partnership between you and your team.

Picture what you want to accomplish. Design your action plan from the viewpoint of what you want to accomplish. Form a mental image and think about the overall project. This will help you create a broad strategy to meet the goal.

Make others want to buy in. When setting goals at work, be sure to sell the benefits of the change you want to see. It’s easy for managers to fall into a habit of telling their employees what will change and when it will take place. Instead, take them along for the ride. Build the value around the goals you are setting and show them all the positive ways these changes will benefit them.

Set milestones. Your employees will enjoy checking off the goals you set for them as they are achieved. Similar to personal resolutions set by your employees at the start of the year, there is a feeling of accomplishment when goals are achieved. With each passing milestone, your employees will feel more encouraged to reach the next. 

Reward progress. Managers who properly lay out the path for success make setting goals at work fun for their employees. When a goal is accomplished, a reward is received. It would be very difficult to run a company without employees. Reward their progress and show them how much their contributions matter.

Questions About Setting Goals at Work?

Are you feeling motivated? Are you ready to turn those resolutions into a reality for your team? Be sure to openly engage, picture what you want to accomplish, sell the vision, set milestones and reward progress when setting goals at work. It’s okay to ask for help from an expert HR guide along the way.

Attain your workplace resolutions in 2022 and reap the benefits of success. Contact us to learn how Quanta can help enhance performance and optimize productivity for your business.

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