The Company That Gives Back – QUANTA 50/50

Quanta HCM is dedicated to taking care of their people and their communities in a big way through Quanta 50/50; a pledge to donate half the company’s profits to charities and nonprofits of its customers’ choosing. 

Quanta owners Ben Baron and Jim Salters understand that donating half of their business profits is a huge risk, but believe it’s their responsibility to help make the world a better place. So far, they’ve found success helping businesses take the trouble out of hiring and managing their workforces while making a positive impact for those in need in Greater Cincinnati communities.

When you work with Quanta, not only will you receive an initial consultation to help simplify employee management, lightning-fast response times and concierge-level support, you’ll also have the opportunity to give back to the nonprofit organization that matters most to you. So, you’ll get the HR support you need, while feeling good about supporting your community. And there’s no better feeling than doing right by your people, employees and those in need around you.

Take a look at an example of Quanta 50/50 in action with Quanta’s customer, Staffanation, a Cincinnati staffing firm. Owner Tim Rettig and Payroll Administrator Megan Elix describe how the opportunity to do good helped pull employees together in support of local nonprofit Hope House Mission, an organization dedicated to eliminating homelessness. Tim took a poll of Staffanation employees to determine which charity they wanted to support. ”It really blew the mind of a lot of our employees, and got them all rallied around the nonprofit,” Tim says. “The reason we chose Hope House is because we work with a lot of marginalized workers.”

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