Before and After Automation: Two Examples to Inspire You to Automate HR and Payroll

Are you tired of waiting hours, days or months for your payroll company to respond? Are you struggling to implement better HR software functions because you’re on your own to figure it out? Do you wish you could spend more time improving company culture and less on tedious paper-based tasks? The lifecycle experts at Quanta can give you a better way to do business. Contact us to automate HR and payroll procedures for your business.

Your HR department is struggling to keep up with benefits enrollment for employees and your payroll staff can’t seem to distribute paychecks accurately or on time. You want to keep employees happy and focus on improving company culture but you can’t because the backend of your business is falling behind. Sometimes you need help to run a business smoothly and efficiently. Afterall, you’re only one person and can’t be expected to do it all on your own. You need an all-in-one solution to manage your employee lifecycle and streamline HR and payroll processes to make running your business easier.

Before: Paper-Based HR 

If your employees are filling out paper forms for health insurance, short-term disability and employment verification documents, your HR staff has to collect the forms (and chase down the employees who haven’t completed them), then spend time inputting the information from those forms into a general system or database. Manual database entry is risky because it opens up opportunities for error.

While the human touch is critical in many HR functions, people sometimes make mistakes. The more people interact with a system, the greater the chance of inaccuracies being introduced. What’s at stake if you have errors? Fines? Penalties? Need for rework? The consequences can be damaging and costly having to go through processes multiple times due to error. This multistep process could be done much faster with an HR software platform that allows each employee to submit their own information. 

After: Automated HR

When you automate HR procedures, you open the door to a wide range of advantages for your company. Using the previous example of benefits administration, HR automation helps your HR staff save time by using software that allows employees to electronically input their own information. Collecting forms and the need to follow up on incomplete paperwork is eliminated. Human errors are reduced by removing the need for manual paper-based entry. Fines and penalties are avoided and time is put back into your day.

Automate HR procedures for your business and save time so you can work on higher-value needs like:

  • Finding and keeping top talent.
  • Promoting better engagement.
  • Eliminating the need for antiquated paper-based processes.
  • Minimizing risks associated with compliance.
  • Simplifying reporting and analytics.

Before: Paper-Based Payroll 

When employees use paper timesheets to track the number of hours worked each day, your payroll administration has to collect timesheets (and track down employees who have not submitted their time), then verify accuracy and manually process each timesheet using a filing system or general database. This multi-step process is time consuming and runs the risk of paychecks not being correct or on time. Additionally, pen and paper timekeeping systems have two major weak points for data error:

  1. When the data is manually entered onto the timesheet by the employee
  2. When the data is manually processed into the filing system (or database)

Payroll information gathered and stored on paper is particularly vulnerable to loss, misinterpretation, damage or misfiling. What happens if your company is faced with an audit? Are you fined? Will you be forced to dock pay or temporarily close your doors? Are you facing jail time? The penalties for missing or inaccurate payroll information can be steep. Robust record keeping is of the utmost importance with these types of paper documents. 

After: Automated Payroll 

There’s a lot that goes into supporting your operations. But nothing more important than ensuring accurate paychecks each and every time. In order to maximize your profits and run at top efficiency, you need an attendance management system that not only helps with scheduling and time-tracking administration, but also frees up much of your time to focus on strategy and performance. No longer will you need to worry about having your finger on the pulse of your workforce. Automate payroll procedures and put time back into your day so you can rest easy knowing:

  • Time is honestly and accurately tracked.
  • Payroll is processed safely and accurately.
  • Paychecks are distributed in a timely manner.
  • Compliance standards are met.

Feeling Inspired to Automate HR?

Don’t let HR and payroll administration hijack your day and rob you of your creativity. Maintain employee satisfaction by ensuring company culture doesn’t become uninspiring or stressful. Automate HR and payroll procedures for a better way to run your business. Book a 5-minute fit call and find out how Quanta can help take your business to the next level.

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